Nursery Decorating Ideas

Decorating a baby nursery can be a lot of fun. Should you want the nursery décor to be focused around a specific idea, there's an almost endless supply of baby nursery themes available. If you plan to have more children, a gender neutral theme may be something to consider.

Among the many nursery decorating ideas, consider wall decals, wall stickers, nursery murals or other wall art. Most are easy to mount on the walls and easy to remove when you want to change the nursery theme.

Whatever nursery decorating ideas you decide on, be prepared to live with that nursery décor for a few years. Most babies are not ready for a toddler room until they are two to three years old.

Nursery Decorating Ideas To Stimulate Babies

If you plan a nursery that will stimulate your baby as they grow, consider bright primary colors and geometric shapes and patterns. Red, blue, and yellow have been found to be the colors that help stimulate young infants. Nursery bedding and wall décor with geometric shapes and patterns will also do this especially if the shapes and patterns are large. This will make it easier for the baby to see since it takes many months for a baby’s vision to completely develop.

Themed Wall Decals, Wall Stickers, Nursery Murals Or Other Wall Art

Disney Pooh Together Forever 4-Piece Crib Bedding Set

 If you want to save money, choose wall stickers or wall decals that will grow with babies into their toddler room. Since toddler beds take the same size mattress and bedding as a crib, you could continue to use the theme and baby nursery bedding you choose into the toddler room phase if you wanted to.

An example is using Winnie The Pooh Theme Peel Stick Wall Decals or a Pooh And Friends Peel Stick Border together with the Winnie the Pooh Dreams of Hunny 4 Piece Crib Bedding Set. Of course there are other nursery accessories that would complement the theme.