Baby Carriers & Backpacks

Baby Carriers & Backpacks

There are several benefits of using baby carriers and backpacks.


Baby carriers and backpacks help you to carry your child on your back rather than carry them in a sling in front of the body. Carrying your child on your back is easier and safer because all areas of your body can move freely. This becomes helpful when parents have to quickly climb stairs or rush to keep an appointment.

There are exceptions of course, such as the front carrying Babybjorn Baby Carrier Air which provides pediatrician-recommended posture support. It is recommended for newborns as well as older infants.

The Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier can be worn in the front, at the hip, or on the back. Now that's versatile!


The comfort level is higher in baby carriers and backpacks because the weight of your child is distributed across the entire body. However a front sling carrier restricts the weight to the neck and lower back making the child seem heavier. It also provides better stabilization and support.

Easy To Use:

Strollers can be very difficult to use in sandy areas or difficult terrain. This can be eased out by using a back baby carrier which can be used with ease anywhere. This flexibility makes them so popular among parents all over the world.

Entertaining For The Child:

Carrying the child in a stroller makes their viewing of the world limited. They can see visuals which are low to the ground. However carrying them in backpack carriers gives them more scope to see the world from a higher point and keeps them entertained.

Before selecting baby carriers and backpacks, one should check whether they are comfortably padded both for you and the child.