Bottle Feeding

While a mother's milk is the best for two years or more, some mothers can not or choose not to breast feed.

Just as preparing for breastfeeding is important, choosing bottle feeding equipment for our babies is important too. Here's what I've gathered from researching bottle feeding so far:

  • It is important to have a bottle that's easy to clean, to prevent bad bacteria that will harm our babies.
  • A bottle with a wide nipple will help the baby to be flexible or to get used to both breastfeeding and bottle feeding.
  • We need to consider the size of the bottle so that we can manage the amount or measure of milk that we feed them.
  • Bottles with silicone nipples are better with latex since the latter may bring potential allergies to our babies.
  • Silicone nipples are also a little harder for babies to chew, so the risk of choking on small pieces is less.
  • As we have heard from the news, glass bottles are better due to the bad chemicals plastic bottles bring.
  • It is recommended that we first buy a bottle or two for our babies for us to know what would be the best for them or what they prefer before we can choose wisely.
  • Bottle's nipple size and flow matters too. Newborn babies need slower flows as they can have trouble with the fast flowing milk until they become bigger.